Holy Ganges Nursery School


Our aim is to make the shaky little steps firm with the first beam of rising sun and sprinkle Holy water as the shower of blessings onto our future generation.

Holy Ganges Nursery School, a Holy institute in a Holy city was established in 1977. Now the small saplings have become a large tree that stands tall and spreads its branches deep rooted into heart of the city.The first five years of child’s life are the most critical for future development. During this time a child learns about himself and the world around him. A child learns through his play & experiences developing intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.

We hope the school prospectus will give you a useful insight into our school and provide you with the information you require. We welcome you to be part of our new and exciting phase of development as we provide fantastic to our smart learners through happy, supportive and productive working techniques.

Recognizing the individually of every child is the core of our curriculum. Through the combination thoughtfully conceived programmes and specially selected classroom materials, our staff seek to foster in each student self esteem, creativity, social, physical and cognitive skills through music, movement, art, creative play and language.

  • First Steps to Big Future

 In the school campus we have beautiful swings, merry-go round, rocking horses, slides etc. for the students to have fun and relaxation. We have full furnished class rooms with digital boards where students can learn easily with lots of fun.  Thanks to our well designed classrooms which have made our teaching child-centered and personal for the creative enhancement of child.

  •  Striving For Excellence

We emphasize on all round development of child through various activities and latest and modern methods of teaching. Our students excel in every field whether it is about academics or about being creative.

  •  Opportunity For All

Drama, Art, Singing and Dancing are important elements of the school’s programme and each pupil is encouraged to be fully involved. We invite all to participate and learn through new experiences.