Message from our Founder’s:

In memory of  our loving Founder Sir, we are presenting his Inspiring Message as a tribute:

There may be so many aims of education yet the main aim is to follow the under mentioned lines, to be educated in real sense:

“ I want neither the kingdom nor the joys of heaven. The only one desire is to end the sorrows of not only the human beings but also of all the creatures of the world”.


Message from our Managing Director:

Managing DirectorWe believe in all round development of the individual, in creating responsible human beings possessing love and compassion of their fellow beings. To fulfill this objective we have planned our curriculum perfectly blended with ancient and modern, traditional and innovative. Provision of carefully chosen co-curricular activities along with comprehensive academic curriculum presents an appropriate platform for our young minds to be logical, analytical, critical, creative, innovative, enthusiastic and communicative as well.

Besides this, a healthy and friendly atmosphere of the school is highly conducive for preparing global citizens committed to humanistic values and principles. It’s like living, enjoying and learning in a family atmosphere full of love and care.

An excellent and qualified team of teachers is our strength, the driving force behind all our endeavors. Our teachers serve the student community with marvelous positivity, responsibility and devotion. We are also proud to acknowledge the support and cooperation of our parents that we are getting from them which clearly reflects a strong and compassionate bonding between us. This healthy relationship is essential for fulfilling the very purpose of our endeavors and making our mission run smoothly on its track.

I hope that you understand very well the principles & values which our institution stands for. In this changing world of today, we are constantly striving to hold the values that matter for our young one and human society.

I am sure, your decision to join us will be fruitful and a good one. So, now I would like to say that we are fully equipped and ready to receive you with great commitment and pride.


Message from Our Principal:

PrincipalI wholeheartedly welcome you all to this renowned Institution of ours. It has rightly been said that the ability to convert ideas to things is the secret of golden success and the world of achievement has always beyond to the optimist.

We have the vision to prepare global citizens with natural hearts and extraordinary abilities; therefore we are constantly making efforts to improve our student’s performance by identifying their learning experiences, requirements and difficulties at regular intervals, right from the beginning of the academic session and employing suitable remedial measures for betterment.

One cannot deny the fact that a student’s life has become challenging in today’s time, hence putting forth a greater challenge in today’s time to come up with some unique and more advanced techniques and strategies to do wonders and create something meaningful and trustworthy. Here at Holy Ganges School, we are providing a perfect blend of academics and extracurricular activities through a carefully thought and planned curriculum which also allows our students to work at a pace appropriate to their ability along with the support and encouragement that helps them to achieve success. At the same time, we also recognize the importance of our traditional values, culture and most importantly discipline. Our emphasis is on inculcating in our children love for our values. We encourage them to follow discipline in every walk of life.

All in all, we bring good education mingled with discipline, values, excitement & fun all together at the same platform.

I, on behalf of our dedicated team of worthy members, extend warm wishes with the assurance of a bright and promising future ahead.

Ms. Ragini Sinha